The crucial effect of exercise on the brain

We all know that exercise is an essential for a healthy lifestyle but what about it is so beneficial? Besides loosing a couple inches on your waist and relieving stress induced from the workplace what else doe exercise accomplish?

I have recently joined a boxing gym in the attempt to achieve a greater discipline within myself so as to incorporate it into other areas of my life. Personally, I have noticed a positive change in focus and mental clarity in the short time I have been doing this. Sitting down and focusing on one thing has never been an easy task for me but lately I have found myself sitting in front of my computer and doing just that for longer and longer periods of time. After watching this video I have reason to believe that my workouts may play a crucial role in this positive change.

In this video, Joseph Everett explains that in addition to looking good and improved mood there is also evidence that proves there is a link between exercise and the growth of new neurons in the brain. Allowing for higher thinking capability and memory function.